Tartan Teapot still-life watercolour by Kathy edwards

“Tea Birds” – Contemporary Still Life Exploration

Welcome to my most recent watercolour series, “Tea Birds,” a contemporary still-life exploration that merges the beauty of nature with nostalgic everyday objects. This series includes four unique pieces and is a vibrant testament to my passion for art and heritage. Each Tea Bird collection artwork tells a story, blending rich textures, bold colours, and cherished family heirlooms to create captivating compositions. Join me as I delve into this series’s inspiration and creative process, starting with the first piece, “Tartan Tea Pot.”

Tartan Teapot pin

The Beginnings of Tea Birds

The Tea Birds series began by exploring my family history and the cherished items passed down through generations. Each artwork features a bird, flowers, and everyday objects, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary still life and nostalgic charm. So far, the series includes four pieces, with plans for many more.

Tartan Tea Pot: A Nostalgic Treasure

The first piece in the Tea Birds series is “Tartan Tea Pot.” This artwork holds a special place in my heart. It features a tartan teapot from my parents’ wedding gift over 70 years ago. This teapot was a symbol of fascination and curiosity during my childhood. It was always off-limits, sitting majestically among other crockery, sparking my imagination.

Growing up in a family of avid tea drinkers, tea was always served in a pot with a strainer. However, the tartan tea pot had no strainer and its small cups only held about a third of what we normally drank from a mug. This puzzled me for years. It wasn’t until I inherited the tea pot that I realized it was actually a coffee pot, a revelation that added another layer of intrigue to its history.

The tartan design of the tea pot also harkens back to my Scottish heritage, prompting me to include thistles in the painting. The cut glass lamp, an op shop find, adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia. And of course, I couldn’t resist including a fairy wren, a bird I absolutely adore, adding a perfect finishing touch to the piece.

Tartan Teapot in situ

Rich Textures and Vibrant Colours

One of the defining features of the Tea Birds series is the use of rich textures and vibrant colours. In “Tartan Tea Pot,” these elements combine to create a lively and dynamic composition. The interplay of light on the cut glass lamp, the intricate details of the tartan pattern, and the delicate beauty of the fairy wren all contribute to the painting’s contemporary yet nostalgic feel.

Continuing the Journey

As I continue to work on the Tea Birds series, I’m excited to explore more stories and memories through my art. Each piece in this series is a reflection of my artistic journey, blending the past with the present, and capturing the beauty of nature and everyday objects.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Tea Birds series, and join me on this artistic adventure; follow along on Instagram. Whether you’re an art lover, a nature enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the charm of nostalgia, I hope my work brings beauty and inspiration to your home. Prints available here.

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