Your Personal Zallevo Mentor

Never feel alone and confused about how to implement and get the absolute most from your Zallevo Transformation.

With the guidance of your personal mentor with over 10 years experience supporting and guiding women (and men) just like you reach their wellness goals. 

If you are looking for the best nutrition on the market to support your goals in:

Weight Loss.
Mood Balance
Daily Energy
Vitality & Wellness
Sport & Fitness
Create Lasting Impact & Financial Freedom

Or if you love the idea of gorgeous hydrated skin, glowing hair or to have the mental clarity and focus to stay on track. We have a solution to suit your goals and budget.

The very first step is where I help you to gain clarity around your goals, where we work together to define what that will look like in your busy life. 

This is a free no obligation call to determine if this is a good fit for your goals and if we can work together. 

Book now as the spots are limited to just 5 per month.

* Find out how your personal mentor can help you *

FREE Pdf Download
"7 Day Meal Plan" 

One page 7 day meal plan to suit the busy person, keeping it simple, nutritious and delicious

7 Day Meal Plan

 Transformation Results  


I've struggled with weight most of my life, particularly during the child bearing years. I had tried just about every diet know and was at the point of giving up. 

Now i feel the real life changes, and actually want to be active, It feels good.

Dori A.

Lasting Results

No more back discomfort, more energy and I've had no trouble keeping that extra weight off over many months. 

Cindy T.


For me this has been way more than how I look, I struggled with gut issues, constant illness and it was taking a toll on my joy of life.  I was sick and tired of feeling like rubbish! I've dropped 9 kilos and gained lean muscle, My skin is glowing, I wake feeling revitalised and full of life. 

Lari H.

Katherine's knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning, and skills provide a vast toolbox of results driven wellbeing outcomes. I urge anyone who to at least be open to have a conversation with her. You will learn surprising insights. 

Kerrie S

Phsychologist, retired

Katherine helped me clarify a path to grow my wellness business to the next level. My business is now more rewarding personally and profitably

Diana F

Homeopath, Sydney

Vibrant Wellbeing


"I now have abundant energy to train daily, manage the house & garden chores, and support others to do the same. Topped off with winning the Australian Transformation Challenge. A complete turn around from where I was just 6 months ago."

Natasha E.


"I made one decision; to change. I changed to cutting edge  nutrition, I engaged a PT. That decision changed my life. "

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Paul E.


"What an amazing journey this has been! These second to none products have transformed me. I've lost weight, gained confidence, met new people, forged new friends"

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Chris C.

Do you wish you Could Help others to Feel vibrantly Healthy, while Enjoying More Abundance in your own life and Want to:

Escape the daily grind and live life on your terms
Seek the space and time to eat well, get active and time to chill
Help others find relief from their dis-ease
Align with your higher purpose
Regain confidence to pursue your passions; hobbies, travel, adventure.
Regain energy and fitness
Shed unwanted fat
Calm that troubled gut 
Fascinated and open to learn
Ready to take decisive action steps toward your ultimate goals
Spend more precious time with loved ones and contribute to community

Uncover and release those negative beliefs that have held you back from the life you deserve.

*Book an obligation free call with Kathy*

Kathy Edwards Naturopath, Mentor, Artist

Hi there

My name is Kathy Edwards

My driving passions are empowering fellow 'health nuts' to unlock their vibrant self, and in doing so inspire others to do the same. Living a fulfilling life where you thrive on your own terms. I coach, and mentor and support you toward your goals. 

My journey into natural therapies was born with a drive to help my son, in doing so discovered my passion for natural healing which lead to many years of study. Gaining qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Aromatherapy and Coaching. 4+ decades of life purpose and joy. I've built my business on my terms, and would love to help you do the same.

My version of thriving is helping others to wellbeing, a flourishing  organic garden and getting into the flow with watercolour.
Secret: I am always ready for the next travel adventure. 

What would your version of thriving look like? Together we will uncover your personal dreams to bring them to life.

my proven system

My system is for you if:

Had enough of battling alone with health challenges
Open to new science and discoveries
Curious about nutrition and it's impact one wellness
Want to feel vibrant and full of energy.
Sick of being tired all the time

My system is NOT for you if:

Looking for a magic 'pill'
Think someone else should fix you
Believe you know all there is to know
Lack interest or motivation to seek change.
Would rather ignore your niggles in the hope they will go away as you age.

From my blog

Menopause Unveiled, The Wild Ride of Hormonal Shenanigans!

Welcome to the wild ride, sometimes called 'the change of life', brace yourself for a journey full of surprises. 

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5 Powerful Creative Practices For Stressed Women

As women age and hormones decline, we become more stress reactive and insulin resistant resulting in cranky and  weight gain. Dropping those stress hormones helps.

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Intermittent Fasting and Menopausal Weight 

Intermittent fasting is an ancient practice that re-emerged into popularity in the early 90's when I began this awesome practice. 

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Why Digestive Enzymes?

Troubled tummy? Maybe digestive enzymes could be a great starting point to aid gut repair and better digestion. I explain when I recommend them and when I wouldn't. 

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Bloat Free Bliss

Free download ebook packed with my tried and tested tips for quick relief from persistent bloat after eating.

7 Day Meal Plan

For busy women, includes my go to easy recipes. Dial up ease.

Gut Reset - 5 Step Master Plan 

Discover your perfect plan for gut health, what to eat and what to avoid. Build you wellbeing from the core.

Begin Your Transformation, Book Your Free Discovery Call

When you are lost in the busyness of life

It can be hard to unravel the complications to get a clear path forward. I trust you have tried many times to do just that, yet there are still niggling issues that you have not been able to resolve. You don't have to do it alone, I am here to help!

During this value packed coaching call we will.

Discuss the current wellbeing issues that are causing you the most distress and want help with now.
Determine if we are a good fit to work together.
Address your most pressing questions.

© Copyright Kathy Edwards.  All Rights Reserved

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