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Paint watercolours you are proud of

If  you are brand new to watercolour, or have never taken a watercolour class with me, it's a great idea to get the foundational basics.

Avoid time wasting mistakes, or bad habits that hinder your Watercolour progress. 

Step by step videos to follow along at your own pace.

Introducing 'Discover Watercolour Secrets' 

Discover my never-before-shared steps to watercolour success

What's Included?

19 on demand, step by step videos.
Reference Photos
Outline Drawings
PDF downloads
Private Facebook Group
6 Essential Techniques 
Numerous Exercises to master the use of watercolour
3 Major Works to expand your newfound skills 

About This Course

Are you happy with your watercolour attempts on your own?

Does your muddy coloured painting lead to frustration and feeling like it's just too hard?

Don't feel bad, you are not alone, and it's not your fault, and most importantly it's not due to a 'lack of talent'.

The reason you have struggled with watercolour is quite simple, and easy to fix.

What has held you back is not understanding simple colour mixing formulas and which supplies give the results you admire. Nobody has shown you how to break it down my way before. It can be much easier than you think.

You don't even have worry about weak drawing skills, I'll share a taboo technique that no-one talks about that will crush that concern.

All you need is a painting mentor, and then you can enjoy painting watercolour on your own. 

If that sounds familiar I can help. 

What you will learn in Discover Watercolour Secrets

How anyone can draw, and it is simpler than you think.
The secrets of creating vibrant backgrounds that enhance your subject, and not have you subject looking like it's 'stuck on' or floating in space.
The fundamentals of placement of subject to keep your viewer enchanted in your artworks.
The importance of value and tone and why they are so important to your work.
Each project broken down into manageable parts highlighting the most important elements. 
How to blend harmonious colours in watercolour. (moving beyond the simplified warm / cool combos) 
I'll even show you how to paint with some other objects not normally used for painting (this one is such fun)  
Gain access to my carefully selected reference photos so you can get started with your own paintings right now.

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What People Say

"I highly recommend anyone at any level of experience giving Kathy's classes a go. There is guidance but no judgment and each of us produced beautiful finished pieces in the comfort of our own homes."

Nicole A

"Kathy is a natural teacher and makes each lesson a fun learning experience."

Lynnette R

"A fun class, where I learned  a lot."

Susan A

"I loved your class, great fun, and great value"

Kelly M

About Kathy Edwards

Kathy gives you the tools you need to succeed.

In case we haven't met yet, I'm the artist and founder of My Sprout Studio, where I help emerging artist gain confidence and develop their art style. Through my online or in person watercolour classes we go on a journey of discovering the joy of art creating. 

I have a background in life coaching and have been a Natural therapist for 40 years. With the advent of lockdowns and Covid I revisited my passion for painting. I also begun online classes for friends and family and discovered how much fun it is, I get so much joy watching my students work evolve, and especially seeing their delight in what they have created.

I finally hung up my Naturopath hat in 2019 and moved into art as my full time passion, and project. Both creating and teaching.

When I am not in the studio you will find me digging in the organic vegetable patch and landscaping our new (large) garden on the Mid North Coast, NSW Australia.

All my Best

Kathy xx

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course go for?

This is an on demand course, you can access it any time and have lifetime access. You can revisit as often as you like, replay segments of the bits you might need extra help with.

Is there a way to ask question ?

In our classroom there is a section where you can ask questions and get feedback. I love you feedback and questions. The more involved you are the more you gain from your course. 

Is there a Facebook group?

YES! I have recently started a private Facebook group where you can hang out with like minded community. Share your work and have get feedback in a safe supportive environment.

How long is each video?

I pride myself with my video editing skills where I have honed each video to focus on the essential details needed and fast forward the 'watching paint dry' sections. This way you can see exactly what steps to take to create your art projects. Each lesson is divided into manageable chunks  that you can stop and start know exactly where you are up to, without scrolling through the same things repeatedly.

What if I don't have all the paints on your list?

No problem, you can substitute with what you do have to create your unique interpretation.

When does the class start?

As soon as your payment is processed you will be sent log in details via email. Check your email including the junk folder. 

Do I have to be on the computer at a specific time?

No, you just log in when it suits you, all courses are on demand and you can watch as many times as you like. You can even download them to your computer (if you have apple computer, you might need an app to do so _ apple says so)

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