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" I was plagued with debilitating bloat, irregular bowels, reflux, sinus attacks and weight gain that got a lot worse during peri - post menopause. It limited my life! It was not like I hadn't tried many things to gain relief over countless years. Finally I narrowed it down to 10 key tactics that have become part of my daily habit, and finally a calm, happy and regular digestive system". Kathy.

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10 Simple, fast changes to your daily routine for improved digestion.
Learn what foods support a healthy gut microbiome
Pin down your habits that have been sabotaging your calm belly efforts.

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Learn from my experiences, including the the pitfalls to avoid and where caution is the best way forward. Download your 'Bloat Free Bliss' eBook today for lasting relief.

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Naturopath, herbalist, and Bloat Free Warrior for over 4 decades. Sharing my proven strategies that gives my clients (and myself) relief. Let these tips give you quick relief too.

Kathy Edwards. BHSc. ND
Naturopath, Wellness Transformation Coach

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