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Created by Kathy Edwards ND.

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Bloat Free Bliss 

Is persistent post-meal bloating sapping your energy and impeding your path to a fulfilling life? Uncover my personal tried and tested quick relief strategies, honed though my journey as a Naturopath who,  like you,  battled bloat for too many years. 

Peri menopause made matters much worse and maybe you have noticed this too? 

Giving you the best of my tried and tested tips for fast relief from annoying Belly Bloat. Bring one new habit at a time into you life, you gut will thank you for it.


Simple, fast tricks you can do at home.
Learn what foods support your gut microbiome
Pin down the habits that will be sabotaging your calm belly efforts.

Get Instant Relief Now From Bloat

I candidly share my most effective and actionable steps for quick relief.

Download your guide to 'Bloat Free Bliss' today for lasting relief.

Learn from my experiences, including the the pitfalls to avoid and where caution is the best way forward. Download your 'Bloat Free Bliss' eBook today for lasting relief.

Which new habit will you implement today? 

Naturopath, herbalist, and Bloat Free Warrior for over 4 decades. Sharing my proven strategies that gives my clients (and myself) relief. Let these tips give you quick relief too.

Kathy Edwards. BHSc. ND
Naturopath, Wellness Transformation Coach

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