How to make compost

How To Make Compost

How to make compostComposting Ingredients for Quality Results.introductionLet's explore how to make compost, the benefits and how to get the balance 'right'. What type of compost station we choose here
by Kathy Edwards
Rosemary thriving in a raised bed

Raised Garden Beds

Unveiling the Secrets of Raised Vegetable Garden BedsWhy Raised vegetable garden beds This article covers why I chose raised garden beds for our vegetable garden. Throughout this piece, we'll explore the
by Kathy Edwards
Peaceful garden seating

Healing Garden

Transforming Your Space into a Blissful Healing GardenIntroduction to a Healing GardenFinding moments of tranquillity is becoming increasingly difficult. However, transforming your space into a blissful healing garden can be
by Kathy Edwards
Beet fun fact

Beets , Garden Vegetables to Grow

Growing beets in your garden offers quick results, significant health benefits, and an enjoyable gardening experience. These adaptable, fast-growing root vegetables require well-drained soil, consistent moisture, and sunlight. Including young beet leaves in salads adds a nutritional boost. Pests can be managed naturally through companion planting. Beets can also be container-grown, making them suitable for small spaces. Consuming beets leads to better digestion, energy levels, and cardiovascular health. Overall, cultivating beets enhances your connection with nature and brings a fulfilling harvest to your table.
by Kathy Edwards