What intrigues me as an artist is observing the mundane that surrounds us in nature, and re-creating it. Into something meaningful, mysterious, magnified, mesmerising and marvellous – and hopefully a touch of each in every painting I explore.

Hi and a warm welcome, my name is Kathy, I’m an Australian artist who loves the magic of watercolour and challenge of acrylics.

As a child, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, which was considered not a viable choice. Coming from a small seaside fishing village options that where presented to me where not inspiring.

What did inspire me was the self sufficiency movement of the 70’s & early 80’s, so my partner and I bought a banana farm and proceeded to set up our self sufficient paradise. Which turned out to be a great learning process and lots of very hard work.

When my middle son suffered with health issues, I delved into natural health/herbals/nutrition/biochemistry and in the process discovered that many people where in search of my healing knowledge. Ultimately leading to a degree in Naturopathy and 40 years of helping people find their way back to health with natural plant medicines and nutrition.

After both my parents passed away too young, I made a conscious decision to follow my joy.

This led to buying an ancient stone villa in the South of France and spend the next 17 years renovating it. It was an exciting, challenging and treasured time. In between renovating I painted, ran painting holidays for guests, exhibited and loved (almost*) every moment. *There where huge challenges that sometimes lead to tears of frustration. Learning to communicate, customs, and etiquette of rural France is pretty special.

My French house was sold (luckily) just as Covid 19 pandemic took hold and again I was reminded to follow my joy.

I began to paint more often and this time with an intention beyond a hobby.

Teaching my 9 grandchildren during lockdown online was such fun for me and them. We where all impressed with their creations beyond anything they imagined they could do.

I am a self taught watercolour artist who has pursued great teachers, coaches and mentors to help accelerate me to where I am today, and ever evolving as I explore creating joyful art. For each of them over the years I am eternally grateful.

I love the mental challenge of resolving ‘problems’ while creating and artwork, especially the uniqueness of watercolour. It’s fluidness and delicate transparency lights me up. Capturing the character, and soul of my subject becomes a deeply intuitive process as I paint which is beyond words…

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