Hey there beautiful, welcome you awesome creative goddess. I’m guessing you may be feeling a little tired and want to get back into your creative ‘groove’ again, am I right? You are in the right place!

My name is Kathy, Artist, Naturopath and Creative Wellbeing Coach. What lights me up is fuelling, confidence, growth and creativity. Why? Read on to glimpse into what lead me and YOU to this place right now.

In 40+ years helping women restore their wellbeing there are some common threads I’ve noticed. Particularly high achiever creative types. They are Independent, driven, meticulous, educated and thoughtful.

Which goes a long way in the demanding field as professional artist. Yet these very same qualities can be their handicap. Especially when stressed and overwhelmed, when hard work doesn’t pay off.

My big love is prevention, because recovery is so much more of a task.  Recovery is possible, but from my experience can be slow, convoluted and sometimes that creative spark does not reignite. I don’t want that to happen to you!

This driving passion stems from early childhood, I was always caring injured wildlife. My dad was very motivated about healthy food, we owned a fruit and vegetable store then the corner store so that part was easy.

My parents worked really hard in growing their little vegetable stall into the first super market in town. Long days starting at 4.30am, finishing around 6 pm, 7 days a week. I only remember 3 family holidays in my life, they were wonderful.

My Dad’s favourite expression: “Hard work never killed anyone” was a big factor in my work ethic. They managed to build business to a point where they could take early retirement in their early 40’s. Hard work had ‘paid off’

Then the unimaginable thing happened, my beautiful, fit and healthy dad died of a massive heart attack at 47 years young. No family history, no pre-existing conditions, the Dr’ said he had perfect health and the heart of a 20-year-old just 4 weeks before.

Two years of missing the love of her life my mum got breast cancer.

I now believe hard work did end both their lives way too early.

I had started my training to become a Naturopath, mainly to find a solution for my middle son’s constant ear infections, and life-threatening asthma. During the years focused on learning testing, applying knowledge and expanding my experience I finally started to look into my own health problems.

You see I’m a product of my environment too…hard work, driven, independent, and maybe even ignoring niggling issues until they won’t let me ignore them.

Normally a high energy type there have been a few notable times when the most I could manage was to make a cup of tea and stare at the wall for the day.

These are the times when my spark just wasn’t ignited, when inspiration, and initiative didn’t exist.

I didn’t like that, it’s so NOT ME. Didn’t feel like me, didn’t sound like me and I wasn’t happy.

Years of Naturopathic training and clinic practice held me in good stead, I was able to apply those experiences to enrich my life and open new possibilities.

Lucky last, I am a no BS, down to earth ex-hippie who often talks fast and swears like a trooper sometimes. I don’t have time for, or do fake. My intuition is strong and I use that and a few little muscle test techniques if feeling conflicted. My clients love that because they know what I’m saying is coming from a place of love and caring.

As you can see from this I’m not what you call average. My resourceful application of my vast tool box of skills and knowledge empowers my life and helps others do the same.

One my passions is helping creative women prevent that crippling condition known as burnout, opening up new opportunities for profit.

If you are a high achieving creative and would like help – register for a free consultation with me. We will dig deep into the causes and figure out what’s working and what’s not, so we can create your empowered plan.