About me

Hello and a warm welcome. I'm Kathy Edwards, the founder of My Sprout Studio

Embracing a life of growth and adventure

My journey into sustainable living and holistic wellness began long before it became a buzzword.

In the early '80s, I embarked on a self-sufficient lifestyle, tending to a bustling farm filled with vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, and a menagerie of animals. From a commercial banana plantation to a flourishing peach orchard, our farm was a hub of activity where we proudly produced up to 80% of our family's food organically. It was a time of hard work and immense fulfilment as we connected deeply with the land and embraced the joy of living off the earth.

Cultivating wellness and creativity

Fast forward to today, and my passion for sustainable living and holistic wellness thrives. At My Sprout Studio, I blend my decades of experience as a Naturopath with my love for gardening and art to inspire others to create their healing sanctuaries. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your gardening journey or a seasoned green thumb seeking fresh inspiration, I'm here to guide you and cheer you on through every step to success. 

Fun and Adventure beyond the garden

SUP at sunrise

When I'm not tending the garden, creating art in the studio, or blogging about them, you'll find me embracing the great outdoors. I love hitting the water on my Stand Up Paddle Board, exploring new trails with my faithful pup Tully, or embarking on epic adventures overseas or in our caravan with my partner Peter. Life is a grand adventure, and I'm grateful to share it with you!

So, let's cultivate wellness, create beauty, and live well together. Join me on this journey of growth and possibility as we nurture our souls and gardens. 

Are you Ready to get started? Download your free Garden Checklist today to mark off the steps to your delightful healing garden.

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While I'm a big fan of the science and developments in holistic well-being, particularly gut health, the gut brain axis and nutrition, my approach is all about YOU!

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