8 Easiest, productive vegetables to grow in the home garden.

Of the eight easy and productive vegetables that grow well in our home garden, tomato has to be the number one. Who doesn't love a sweet vine-ripened tomato?

Getting your garden started can seem daunting, but carefully planning and selecting productive space-saving vegetables can inspire you. 

I choose these vegetables as they are easy to grow, produce loads of fresh produce out of a small space and are not too greedy. They do not require copious fertilisers to produce delicious and abundant food.

Let's get planting, or at least planning for planting. Grab your tools, seeds and 

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tomato - easy to grow for beginners

The first pick goes to tomatoes; they give a higher yield for space than any other vegetable. They like it warm, are sensitive to frost and will grow in pots. There are many variety choices; you should be able to find one that thrives for your climate. Cherry tomatoes are always productive and reliable; they are a bush tomato, so just let them run. Other varieties may need stakes and regular pruning to get the best production. They need 3-4 months of growing season, are easy and productive for the home garden.


These tasty, productive marrows like it warm and need plenty of room to spread their big leaves. They love the sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Pruning the leaves below the fruit and staking can help reduce disease and increase productivity, Luckily, there are plenty of tasty recipes to use the glut when it's on! They are productive. 


Nutrient-loaded and easy to grow, they grow all year round in warmer climates, but they won't tolerate frost. They grow fast; dwarf varieties can pick in just 8 weeks, and the climbing varieties like Purple King take a little longer but will continue to produce beans longer. I plant both versions simultaneously; just when the dwarf varieties are at the end of production, the climbers are ready to go full swing.

8 Easy vegetables to grow in the home garden for beginners

Snow Peas

This sweet winter crop is super productive, and the climbing variety thrives on a growing frame with a little encouragement, in the beginning, to go up. Give them well-drained fertile soil, pick alternate days, add them to your stir fry, or eat raw pods. The kids love them.


easy vegetables to grow in the home garden

Another kid and dog favourite, yes, my pup loves chewing on your raw carrots too. They will grow in most soils, but dig in some course sand if your soil is heavy clay, Having a well-prepared, deeply dug bed would be best to get nice, straight, long carrots. They love a good drink, and as the seeds are so tiny, you must thin them out as they grow to allow space for the final plants to fill. they 3-4 months to harvest.


Another of the cucurbits that love to climb, give them some support, they love the warmer weather. Sow seed directly and keep a watch out for those slimy slugs; they love baby cucumber seedlings. 

Sweet Potato

I first grew them last year; wow, they are productive in a small space. They can take over the entire garden, given half a chance. I grow them in raised beds and trim the tendrils that want to wander beyond the confines. These cut 'slips' can be planted as they put roots down at each leaf junction.

8 easy vegetables to grow in the home garden for beginners


They like it warm and will get knocked out by frost. But, they are adaptable to most soil types as long as there is adequate drainage. You can even grow them in bags or pots, which is my preferred option because my soil is very shallow. Tubers are planted, and the soil mounded as it grows, leaving the new shoots above the ground. the new potatoes grow above the original tuber; the more you hill, the more production you will have.

Nothing is more satisfying than growing your vegetables. One of the most rewarding times of the day is doing the afternoon harvest and making the evening meal with today's crop. These vegetables are tastier, fresher and better for you.

If you are looking for the easiest and most rewarding vegetables (check out these kits to get started) for the beginner home garden, look no further than this list. Happy Gardening

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8 easy to grow, productive vegetables for the home garden

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