Matisse, An Artist Journey

While revelling in viewing the Matisse exhibition at the New South Wales Art gallery… highly recommended by the way. I learned so much about his work and something about me.

A restless fascination with exploring different techniques with water colour really had me questioning myself. Am I to ADD to stick to a theme? Will I ever really settle with one style or theme? Does that even matter really?

While I paint my mind is processing constantly, it’s a type of meditation where the subconscious is unknowingly tapped into. I love that, it becomes an instinctive process, and one where each work has a part of me in it. Constantly exploring different ways to solve the problems of expressing something within.

Back to Matisse and the Exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery.

This exhibition explores his life by the decade, it’s a wonderful journey through his creative process evolving over the years. Exploring his motivations, and influences as well as his processes.

I loved his drawings where he explored a subject, reduced the elements and line until he settled on the essence, from which he created some of his marvellous major works. What I found fascinating was my thoughts.

While exploring one of his many drawings of one lady, changing viewing angle, expression, and reducing the lines, he often settled on an image that was rather ‘distorted’ or different, while leaving the very beautiful face as a drawing only. I found myself thinking I would have chosen the beautiful (in my eyes) one.

He explored different techniques, even using coloured paper cut outs as his health declined. Still stunning though! Like this one titled “The Dancers”.

Matisse explored his subjects, techniques, mediums and was a driven tireless worker.

My take – away is that Matisse was fascinated by pattern, line, and colour. Colour being a huge influence that he explored deeply. Many of his subjects where set in stillness, with bold colours, which is interesting as he as a person was so restless and driven.

I found comfort in what I learned from Matisse, and will revel in the explorations knowing we never really ‘arrive’.

About The Author

Kathy Edwards

Kathy Edwards is a creative wellbeing coach, artist, and naturopath based in Australia. She helps her high-performing clients simplify holistic wellness so they can increase energy, prevent burnout, and power their creative passion and profit.

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