When I grow up

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” My dad asked me at 4 years old

Easy answer!

My ever-enthusiastic 4 year self-replied with a resounding “An Artist!

The response to that meant leaving a part of me behind for 55 years.

Dad innocently responded: “You can’t do that, you can’t make money doing that.”

I hadn’t really considered the ‘make money’ part, I was only 4 after all.

The search then became what shall I do when I grow up?

At 18 the first business was a banana plantation, admittedly I just wanted to grow vegetables have a few fruit trees, and chickens. Thousands of bananas, hundreds of peach trees and not much money was not quiet my hobby farm dream. During those 13 years of motherhood (3 children) working very hard I realised this wasn’t my gig.

My middle son suffered with asthma, chronic ear infections, and hay fever. Being a tad alternative (hippie), I researched herbals, supplements and dietary changes to help him. This was not common back in 1984.

This led to a variation of one of my considerations of what do to when I grew up, a nurse.

Now, I quickly worked out that nurses work awful hours, and I love my sleep so dismissed that one. I did the natural alternative and became a Naturopath.

I studied Naturopathy with 3 kids in tow, while working the bananas, and earned a Bachelors Degree in Complimentary Medicine in 1990.

40 years later, helping others get well with Natural Remedies.  I helped women, regain energy, mental clarity, boost immunity, and sooth those rocky hormones.

While the desire to ‘be an artist’ never really left me, and I managed to squeeze in blocks of painting over the years. I attended classes with some awesome teachers and mentors. Yet I never really considered myself and artist. I ‘dabbled’, sold some art, yet that self-belief just wasn’t there.

You can’t make money as an artist, stuck hard!

I had seen evidence that you can actually make a living as an artist, with some strategic business management and a few loyal collectors. Yet, I always told myself things like: it’s alright for them, they live in New York/a city/ have great connections/more talent/have bigger social media presence blah blah…

When Covid 19 lockdown hit, I decided to follow my JOY and focus on ‘being an artist’.

I ran online art classes for my family and friends and discovered it was really fun. I loved teaching, they learned and loved the classes and their results. Win all round, except no money was exchanged.

You can’t make money as an artist! Remember…

Some months ago, I employed a new high-level business coach, she’s a master at highly profitable business building. During our sessions my 40 years as Naturopath is often referred to as a huge ‘resource’. There was a strong urge to create a program for women who are overwhelmed and burnt out. This would be an ‘easy’ given my back ground, and resources from the many courses I’ve run over the 40 years.

Yet that inner (stubborn) 4-year-old voice is getting much louder.

“I want to be an artist when I grow up!”


I am an Artist.

That hasn’t been easy to say and maybe that means I’ve grown up after 60, or grown wise?

My art is about beauty, light and following the flow and the joys of life.

I paint and hone my skills, sell paintings, take commissions.

I am an artist!

My first (paid) online painting course launches January 10, 2022.

8 weeks of exploring the flow of watercolour, the intricacies of flowers and having fun. Learning when to take control and when to let go and follow the flow. Through that rediscover part of themselves they may have left behind, and so each student emerge following their flow and JOY.

About The Author

Kathy Edwards

Kathy Edwards is a creative wellbeing coach, artist, and naturopath based in Australia. She helps her high-performing clients simplify holistic wellness so they can increase energy, prevent burnout, and power their creative passion and profit.

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