Have you ever felt like you are spilt in 2-3 or more places?

That was me, for YEARS, and it can lead to burnout fast!

The artist/creative, the Naturopath/coach, the gardener/horticulturist.

It’s Exhausting!

It can feel like none really thrive!

I wasn’t prepared to give up on any BTW. Life could have been so much simpler if I was just a Naturopath, Coach, an Artist, or Horticulturist.

But, as it happens I have been on this planet for many years and have a wealth of knowledge is each that is invaluable.

My big passions are really around nature, helping others to thrive and creating beauty, these professions are how I express this.

Coming together

This comes together to help creatives and artist thrive. Over 40 years in Natural therapies and coaching I’ve seen the devastating effects of stress and burnout on creative careers.

It can ‘take you out of the game’ for months, years or forever. This is such a loss, it’s important to express you in a way that ignites your passion. Stress and burnout can dampen your flame.

It can feel like you are only half living and burnout.

AT least that’s how it felt for me.

As you know each of these passions are ‘all consuming’ there’s no multitasking possible.

When I garden I am immersed in the garden. When I’m painting that is all that is happening. When I am coaching and helping people to simplify holistic wellbeing I am totally focused on that.

Nourish, Nurture, Play and Thrive

So that I can nourish my creativity, and nurture my coaching results, play in my garden and thrive with art; scheduling is the saviour!

Blocking time as covered in the last post here is where the magic happens. Specific times for each of my passion along with, self-care, my family, and fun projects has really freed up my life and my creativity.

With that came sheer joy and abundant energy.

Have you been denying that part of you that is a thriving artist? You have the creativity, let’s reignite your passion and release your energy. Join the waitlist for the “Emergence” program here coming soon.

Kathy Edwards

Kathy Edwards, award winning nature loving artist and tutor residing at Valla Beach, NSW. Kathy teaches watercolour both online and in person. Her original art and prints are held in collections internationally. Kathy’s tutoring style is fun filled, friendly and supportive.

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